“your kids aren’t average; why should their friends be?” ™

so what’s a “Knitimal” anyway?!

knitimals are award winning, internationally collected “art dolls”; straddling the line between fine art & play— they make great gifts for new babies, art lovers, doll collectors and those-hard-to-shop-fors who love the one-of-a-kind. they are produced as “one offs” (truly one of a kind pieces of art— since i use no pattern and don’t even repeat basic design ideas, every single knitimal is a genuinely unique piece of art). they are each named & numbered and each knitimal comes with a hand drawn name tag (which features the ‘story of the knitimals’) and a ‘caring for your knitimal’ tag.

the knitimals are at the he”art” of *might, a company dedicated to making one of a kind pieces of art for children of all ages. how often do any of us get to own something that we know for certain no one else will ever have? as an artist & art educator, i’ve seen how much of an impact art can make in a young life. Knitimals came to life over a decade ago, with the intention of merging comfort, quality & creativity. In that time i’ve hand created over 1400 knitimals, each with its own name, personality, and design. i don’t sell patterns and i don’t mass produce.

knitimals are made with painstaking attention to detail & consideration for even the youngest art appreciator— no eyes or small parts that can pop off, tightly sewn seams, no lead (or any of the other scary stuff that might find their way into factory produced dolls), bright colors and interesting patterns, unique features and friendly features (no “MONSTERS” here!).

the average knitimal takes approximately 12 hours to make from start to finish (the larger or more complicated they are, the longer they take)each Knitimal is made completely by hand, and has a very small environmental footprint (i use no machines— all sewing and felting is done with a needle in my hand, or soap in my sink), i buy local yarn whenever i travel, so i don’t need to use big trucks or planes to get my materials. Knitimals can even be made with soy yarn or 100% organic materials (custom orders also available for those with wool allergies).