selfie for website  would you believe it all started when a pigeon loving miami girl tried to knit a pair of  rainbow striped wool socks?

its true…

the year was 1998. the perfect storm of idle hands, a voracious appetite for new skills & a    long, dark art history seminar course led danamarie to seek out a project to keep her focused on lectures. a classmate used to knit socks, so she would too. it wasn’t long before socks were boring & she was struck by inspiration, in the form of a (literal) fever dream—and the knitimals™ were born.

danamarie went on publish her first children’s book & graduate from the maryland institute college of art, all in the same year, and formed the illustration & fiber studio known then as “greenstarstudio”.

over the years, it grew to encompass a whole world of decorative and functional art pieces, prints, wearables, murals, surface design, toys, dolls and more, all designed with children in mind & using ecologically responsible methods and materials. danamarie’s work is sold and collected all over the world & she’s happy to report that there are knitimals™ on every continent on the planet. whoa.

today, greenstarstudio is the umbrella company that covers *might (mighty good & full of possibility: handmade wonder for all ages), mightyPigeon (the home of her wildly popular UnderAppreciated Animals Alphabet™ series), OneGoldenSun (a collection of reinterpretations of classic tales & characters) and the small craft advisory (ecologically responsible & sustainably produced beautiful things for your beautiful life)…. and danamarie is very busy with them all… she’s also very busy keeping her toddler out of the trash.

danamarie lives in baltimore, maryland (but dreams of portland, maine) with her wonderful husband and their brilliant little boy & spirited baby girl (and their very naughty long haired miniature dachshund & pet rescue pigeon).

Yes. Pigeon.